• Import Service

SIF Import Service have benefit to many of our international customers. If you are a Non-U.S. base company but you are selling or plan to sell your products to U.S. and North America market, our Import and Order Fulfillment Services can provide full services to meet your needs, from transportation, importing, customs to pick, pack and ship. Just let us know if you have any special questions, we are here to help.

If you are using our china sourcing service, than this is also the great service we can provide to your business. When the oversea factory have your order ready, we will have our freight team to contact factory and ship your order to U.S. by ocean freight, air freight, or express at your choices. And we will clear the customs and ship to our Los Angeles Distribution Center or your warehouse(anywhere in the U.S.).

Three options to Maximize your profit after we import your products into U.S.:

a. Ship the order to your warehouse or any location in the U.S.
b. Move your order to our fulfillment warehouse at Los Angeles and start drop ship for you.
c. Ship partial of your order to your location, and keep the rest of them in our fulfillment warehouse for drop shipping order. (Many of our clients use this option to save the shipping cost for their ecommerce orders.