• Products Sourcing (Products from China)

Our sourcing team has over 10years of experience in product sourcing from China. We will source your requested products at your desired price from our large, approved partnership factories' data base and pick the best one for you. We do not make a profit on the prices that we receive from factories so what you get are factory direct prices. Remember, you may receive the price even lower than your target price, so give us a try to start saving today.


• Import Service

Now, after you confirm the prices that factory offers, we will place the order for you, once the order is ready to ship, we will have our ocean freight team contact the factory and ship to the U.S. by ocean freight, air freight, or express at your choice. We will clear customs and ship to our Los Angeles Distribution Center.


Now you have the following choices to tell us how you want SIF handle your shipment.

a. Ship the order to your warehouse or any location in North America

b. Move your order to our fulfillment warehouse at Los Angeles and start drop shipping for you.

c. Ship partial order to your location, and keep the rest in our fulfillment warehouse for drop shipping order. (Many of our clients use this option to save the shipping cost for their ecommerce order.


• Order Fulfillment Service

SIF eliminates your overhead costs, allow you to focus on make better marketing and sales. You get sales, we ship for you. Once we receive you order, we will pick, pack and ship the order, and we guarantee that all your orders will be shipped within 24 hours with 100% accuracy or it's FREE.

We use all major shipping companies (FedEX, UPS, DHL, USPS) to ship your orders, and remember you also receive our greater discount on the shipping cost.