About Us

SIF SERVICES, LLC has built a very strong partnership with many Chinese factories in the past ten years. We want to share this benefit with our clients and provide them with completed set of business services--including Product SOURCING (from Asia), IMPORT, AND ORDER FULFILLMENT. This combination of services will bring HUGE Savings your business with from products cost, man power, warehousing, ... all the way to your shipping costs.


Many companies wish to bring products from China by themselves to lower their products cost, but they face the difficulties of Minimum order Quantity, communication, payment issues, US Customs regulations, import restrictions, and so on. Our import service will take care of all these issues for you, and we will bring your orders from oversea to our U.S. fulfillment center or anywhere in the U.S.


The fulfillment service is another great benefit we bring to our customers. SIF fulfillment allows us pick, pack, and ship every single order quickly and accurately to your customers. This will save you overhead expenses and bring other great benefits to your company and your customers from fast order processing and shipping.


Features and Benefits

• Reduce your products cost by sourcing and importing your products directly from

  China's leading factories. (you get factory price.)

• Take care all your import and customs issues

  and bring goods to your desired location in the States.

• Reduce your overheads costs (storage, labor and inventory requirements)

• Remove all the headaches associated with packaging and shipping order fulfillment

• Reduce customer service costs so that you keep more of the profit you earn

• Increase customer service levels to build your reputation and bring you more business

• Lower corporate overhead so you use your money to grow your business faster

• Save your time so you can focus to make your business more successful.

• There are no hidden fees, no long term commitments on all our services.